Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha Ongoing

Author: MED

[By the studio that brought you and and !] The mobile gacha game ‘Pick Me Up!’ is known for being brutally difficult, and no one has been able to clear a dungeon. Loki, the fifth among all the world’s masters, loses consciousness while trying to clear the dungeon. Upon waking up, Loki finds himself turned into a 1-star level 1 hero, ‘Islat Han’. “It’s him! I’m certain he’s the one who brought me here!” In order to return to Earth, he must lead novice masters and heroes and break through the 100th floor of the dungeon! “You messed with the wrong person.” This is the story of master Loki who is forced to carry everyone to victory and cannot afford a single defeat.        

Last Chapter: Chapter 99

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