The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door

The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door Ongoing

Author: Beluha
Genres: Manhwa

Seina Rohill is a D-class hunter making a living off of killing monstrous fiends—or so she thought. In actuality, she's become an insignificant character in the novel, *A Secret in the Flower Shop*. What's more, she happens to be neighbors with the female lead, Ellen Euclis! The story revolves around Ellen receiving daily love confessions until she meets the male lead. But when Seina encounters a side character named Dion Fravel, who seemingly has a deep connection to Ellen, she's determined to make him Ellen's endgame. Unfortunately, Seina also has to deal with Duke Rashad Carlman, who appears to be the strongest candidate as the original male lead. As these four characters' paths cross, who truly will be the protagonists of this tale? And what could the "secret" mentioned in the novel's title be?---[Original Novel](**Original Webtoon:** [Naver Series](, [Naver Webtoon]("

Last Chapter: Chapter 81 Finale

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