Recreator of Creation Magic

Recreator of Creation Magic Ongoing

Author: Miwamohi
Genres: Manga

Hermes, the son of a prestigious noble family, was born with enormous magical powers and was a child prodigy with a promising future. However, as a result of the evaluation, it was discovered that he was incompetent and had not inherited the "bloodline magic," a unique magic passed down from generation to generation in the family of nobles. Exiled from the royal capital, he was on the verge of death in the depths of despair, but Rose, a legendary witch who recognized his talent, saved him and made him her apprentice. After training, he mastered the strongest magic—Creation Magic, which can reproduce all magic. Hermes, who has learned that the common sense of the kingdom, which determines the superiority of all values by the power of "bloodline magic," is wrong, returns to the royal capital to further his magical studies, bringing change to a kingdom filled with deception...! A tale of the most powerful magic by a boy with no talent overturns the common sense of the world, and the saga begins!---**Links:** - [![]( Web Novel]( [Official LN (JP)]("

Last Chapter: Chapter 10 The Hero Prince

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