Hana to Usagi

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Genres: Manga

1-3: Hana to Usagi (Flower And Bunny) Aizawa Mamoru-san in room 411 is always wearing a rabbit-head… The courier company's good customer is a shy rabbit-man with a withdrawal syndrome. Why is he wearing something like that in the first place? Is he a pervert? Everyday, he receives deliveries, but you can't see his face and he's mute: there's nothing scarier than this. But one day, still wearing the rabbit-head, he grabbed tightly onto my arm, "T-thank you, I'll see you again tomorrow…" Saying it in such an embarrassed way – my heart beats so fast. 4: That Smile Once Again Fujimura is a talented pianist who refuses to perform in the school's culture festival, despite the student council president's – Segawa – attempts to convince him daily. Why won't Fujimura perform? And why does Segawa keep on pestering him? 5: Greatest Common Denominator Tatchan and Shouhei are in a relationship. Shouhei wants to ramp it up to the next level, but Tatchan seems hesitant. Is this love just one-sided?"

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