Crazy Like a Fox

Crazy Like a Fox Ongoing

Author: Dalseul
Genres: Manhwa

When the emperor declared that his children must battle to become the last remaining heir, the only way Princess Lisbelle could survive was by becoming a mad woman. Feigning insanity kept her out of danger for years, but with only three children remaining, Lisbelle now finds herself a target. In a moment of danger, she discovers powers gifted to her by the goddess Hellare and suddenly finds herself in the company of a charming magician. But whether he’s friend or foe has yet to be determined…---"On the Moonlight Garden-! White evening primroses are in full bloom -!"A strange succession ceremony has all princes and princesses fight each other as only the strongest member of the royal family may succeed the throne. After being poisoned to death, she returned five years into the past and decided to played the part of a crazy b*tch in order to survive. Yet somehow looking like the weakest was still not enough. The crazy princess, with no power or backing, was about to die yet again, but a suspicious wizard suddenly appeared before her."What should I do to get your kiss?""A deal. If you help me, I'll kiss you.""Good. I have no intention of letting you die in the hands of anyone besides me."I feel like I entered the tiger's den while trying to escape the wolves… Is it really okay if I make this deal? A fiery battle and romance between a woman walking towards life with all her might, and a man who lives for death.---**Original Webtoon:** [Daum](, [KakaoPage](**Official Translations:*** [English](* [Chinese (Simplified) / 汉语](* [Chinese (Traditional) / 漢語](* [Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia](* [Japanese / 日本語](* [Thai / ภาษาไทย]("

Last Chapter: Chapter 113

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