Second Life of a Trash Princess

Second Life of a Trash Princess Ongoing

Genres: Manhwa

After losing her father, bratty brother, and the Elias Empire to her traitorous fiancé's schemes, Princess Regina makes a wish upon a magic ancestral stone and returns to when she was fifteen. With one last chance to right everything, she comes up with a plan: train her spoiled sibling to be the next ruler by becoming an even bigger brat and get Aaron Vestein, the most beautiful man in the empire, to replace her fiancé! But will just wits, resolve, and a new suitor be enough to change Regina's fate?---Regina, whose father was the emperor who was assassinated, became the regent on behalf of her younger brother. While facing plenty of hardships, news about the depletion of national funds due to her maniac younger brother's behavior, as well as her fiancé having an affair, begin to spread... In the end, she lost everything when her fiancé committed treason. In her last moments, she turned back time using the relic of the first emperor. In order to stop the main culprit, Regina declares that she will become a bigger brat than her younger brother and a love-crazed fool.---**Original Novel:** [KakaoPage](, [Naver Series]([Original Webtoon](**Official Translations:*** [English](* [Chinese (Simplified) / 汉语](* [Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia](* [Japanese / 日本語](* [Thai / ภาษาไทย]("

Last Chapter: Chapter 69

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