Lady Isabella's Path to Happiness

Lady Isabella's Path to Happiness Ongoing

Author: Lee Inhye
Genres: Manhwa

She was born to received the curse, to disappear. So, she accepted the marriage proposal to be free from her family before she dies but... the hospitality and affection she received from her in-laws are endless and her husband's obsession is mysterious... A flower path unfolds in front of her, who was a time limit!---For centuries, the firstborn of House Helsington has been cursed to die young, so the family produces an illegitimate child, Isabella, to take on the curse instead. To get away from her terrible home and live her last days in peace, she wants nothing more than to escape. Her chance comes when Grand Duke Noverdic asks her to marry his son, Cleor. Once she arrives in the north, she is showered with endless affection from both her in-laws and her fiancé... to the point that it's almost suspicious.---**Original Webtoon:** [Daum](, [KakaoPage](**Official Translations:*** [English](* [Japanese / 日本語]("

Last Chapter: Chapter 61

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