Kneel Before Me

Kneel Before Me Ongoing

Genres: Manhwa

At that time, she was unilaterally dismissed by the crown prince and was free to go on her own journey."Hi," someone woke her up."I am Nathaniel," he said, "People here call me 'The End'."A beautiful man, like the king of winter, smiled broadly and arrogantly, “Let me out.”Nathaniel stretched out his hand, but even though Kyrie rejected it, his bony white hand rather slowly and softly touched Kyrie’s ears and cheeks."You’d better not think about it. If you don’t want to be tied up."Instead of answering, she bit Nathaniel’s fingers. He lowered his head slowly and put his head against her forehead. The more anxious the purple eyes of Kyrie were, the more ecstatic his seemed to be."Take off your clothes on your own," Nathaniel smiled fiercely, looking down at his broken sleeve, "You’ll get a leash if you do something stupid again."---In the storm sleeps a giant...When the unfaithful crown prince calls off their marriage, Lady Kyrie is exiled to a remote cottage. On the way, she discovers a hidden village while avoiding a snowstorm. It's there "the end" is awakened... and it's starting to become obsessed with her."

Last Chapter: Chapter 87

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