The Sacred One Speaks

The Sacred One Speaks Ongoing

Genres: Manhwa

On the order of the High Priest, the holy kingdom’s inquisitor, “McClat” captures the wicked great witch, ‘Vienny’. Vienny, on the other hand, promises him she would assist him in his quest for the other witches. Although Vienny appears to be terrified in his presence, she is unconcerned about the witches' cleansing. McClat's sentiments and ideas get increasingly muddled with her presence...**Note:** *The webtoon released as R15; it's not R19 like the novel.*---**Original Novel:*** Naver Series: [Chapters](, [Volumes](, [Side Stories](* [Ridibooks](**Original Webtoon:** [Naver Series](, [Naver Webtoon]("

Last Chapter: Chapter 60

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