How to Prey on Your Master

How to Prey on Your Master Ongoing

Genres: Manhwa

Dame Elle, the deputy commander of the Order of November, has her heart broken when she discovers her fiancé is in love with someone else. After a night of heavy drinking to wash away the pain, she wakes up the next morning in the bed of Sir Theodore, more widely known as the kingdom’s mad dog! Adding more to the confusion, Theodore keeps calling Elle his “master” and has been appointed as the deputy commander’s aide without her knowledge. But despite his wolfish reputation, Theodore acts oddly tame when it comes to the dame he serves. Just what intentions could this knight be hiding behind his sharp-toothed grin?---**Original Webtoon:** [Naver Series](, [Naver Webtoon](**Official Translations:*** [English](* [Japanese / 日本語]("

Last Chapter: Chapter 109

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